Clothing and Accessories for Boys

We know boys, alright. We know that for sons, they’ve got busy schedules filled with events that require outfits to go with them. We also know that boys grow, and they need their clothes to keep up. Bring them in, and we’ll do the rest! We stock the best seasonal inventory of clothing and accessories, including selections from Michael Kors and Luchiano Visconti, for school, activities, mitzvahs, prom, and more. Book an appointment, and we’ll style you. Feel free to bring a few of your favorite outfits to guide us, or if you want a clean slate, we’ll gladly hand-pick a new wardrobe for you.

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Bar Mitzvahs

Book an appointment to style him for his big day, as well as all the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs he’ll be attending.

A big weekend calls for important outfits that you can select from our Mazel Box. We will custom-fit your boy...we mean young adult with an elegant Bar Mitzvah suit, party, and brunch clothes to mark the special occasion.

Prepare your son for the Mitzvah circuit by organizing a wardrobe from our Circuit Box.  His weekends are going to fill up fast, and we’ve got his services and party pants, shirts, shoes, and socks ready.

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